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Truth and Reconciliation Week

From September 25 to 30, The Falstaff Family Centre welcomes members of the community to six days of by-donation events and exhibits which will recognize and honour Indigenous peoples. We support the path to reconciliation, acknowledge our painful, shared history and look to the future with hope and open hearts. Join us and let’s learn together.




The Falstaff Family Centre is located in Stratford, Ontario focusing on the needs of families and children in Perth County. Founded in 2002, the centre is a multi-faceted and evolving facility, devoted to the principles of inclusiveness, diversity and the realization of human potential, and responsive to needs identified by the local community.


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Multicultural Association

Helping newcomers build a bette rolife

SEASONAL TENANTS: Mindful Kids (2023)

PROGRAMS: Stratford Music Academy (Suzuki School), The Stratford Youth Orchestra, The Talking Circle.

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